Our Service

We are the experts here! We offer competent service for each kind & size of valves.

Take a sight on our services.

  1. Surface protection
    • Industrial coating according to your requirements and specifications

  2. Surface treatment

    Voelkel Valve offers a broad range of surface treatment and surface finish for valves and other components.

    • pickling and passivating for C-steels and corroded stainless steels
    • sandblasting and shot-peening in our own cabin 1200 x 1000 x 800 mm
    • nickel plating
    • hard chromium plating
    • zinc coating
  3. Conversion and modification
    • throttle and regulating disc
    • end-position indicator
    • heating jacket / cooling jacket
    • secondary seal in the seat and/or in the body (PTFE)
    • spindle extensions
    • position indicator
    • conversion to life-loaded-standards
    • by-passing
    • locking device
  4. Gear unit and automation

    Installation of:

    • sprocket operation
    • bevel gear
    • spiral gear
    • electric actuators
    • hydraulic actuators
    • pneumatic actuators
  5. Pressure and leakage tests

    Our products obtain a strict internal manufacturing- and quality control. Along the regular controls of the outgoing goods by our suppliers, we test all products extensively as soon as they reach our house. We perform the pressure and leakage tests as well as check of all other functions of the valves.

    Final inspections and approvals can additionally be made by Third Parties (ABS, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd AG, Société Générale de Surveillance Holding, TÜV) in our house.